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Memories are phenomena that form throughout our lives, through the passage of time, regardless of whether or not we need them. The memories exist consciously or unconsciously inside us. They are consciously memorized or unconsciously buried. What took place in the past was real but one’s memory can also be blurry or repressed. Memories also exist in space and in objects. Objects can represent as a deposition of the individual memories of various people.

There is a chair that many people have come in contact with the chair throughout its history and each person has formed a memory of that moment of connection. Each trace symbolizes a memory of someone who was there and interacted with the chair – and the chair is a singular representation of a collection of people’s memories. In addition, the traces left by the her touch symbolize someone’s past inner thoughts and the emotions behind that memory. The artist’s perceptions are projected into the chair, and the chair may also evoke the observer’s personal sentiments as the observer searches for his or her own piece of memory in the chair.